You've booked your session and it's going to be fabulous!But first you need to make some decisions about What to Wear. Here are some helpful tips for looking your best:


  • Gone are the days of completely matching outfits (ex-white shirts with khaki pants), instead, coordination is key! Think of everyone's clothing in the shoot as one big outfit. Start with one statement piece and build around it!
  • Start with mom's look first and work around her outfit. Mom should always look and feel her beautiful!
  • Please call me or text me your outfit ideas. I'm happy to help with styling. 
  • Mix patterns and solids and textures for lots of depth and interest in your photos. 
  • Choose 3-4 complimentary colors that work well together and get creative by pulling in those colors with the clothing, accessories and shoes your family wears.
  • Accessories are my favorite accent to a photograph. Hats, scarves, fun necklaces, boots or tights can really enhance your images.
  • Dress appropriately for the season. A session can get tricky if someone is uncomfortable because they are too cold or hot. Wearing layers is a great way to ensure you are comfortable while also providing some versatility for different looks throughout the session.
  • Comfort is very important. When you are comfortable you will enjoy yourself more and it will show in your photos. Don't wear something if it makes you self-conscious or if you will have to keep adjusting it during the session.
  • My final and most important advice is to be yourself! The focus is on you and your personality should shine through.


Here are my What to Wear Pinterest boards to help you visualize:


Women:       https://www.pinterest.com/jagparrish/what-to-wear-portraits-women/

Men:         https://www.pinterest.com/jagparrish/what-to-wear-portraits-men/

Girls:       https://www.pinterest.com/jagparrish/what-to-wear-portraits-girls/

Boys:        https://www.pinterest.com/jagparrish/what-to-wear-portraits-boys/

Maternity:   https://www.pinterest.com/jagparrish/what-to-wear-maternity/